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All non-established clients will be required to make a 20% deposit for any boarding stays exceeding 14 days. 

Vintage Country Pet Resort reserves the right to refuse any pet for any reason; including, but not limited to aggression, skin infections, felted coats, presence of parasites, and/or lack of vaccinations.


Only the best of room service!

𓃠 Vintage Country Pet Resort will provide quality chicken and barley Nutrisource brand kibble at no extra cost to you.
𓃠 If you prefer, you may provide your own feed from home. You may either prepackage your pet's meals or we can scoop straight from the bag.
𓃠 Leave your bowls at home, VCPR will provide your pet with stainless steel dishware for food and water.
𓃠 No-tip, slow-feeder bowls, and raised dishes are available upon request.
𓃠 We are equipped with a refrigerator and microwave to store and prepare your pet's meal.

What to Bring

Don't forget!

𓃠 Vaccination records, including the rabies certificate with your veterinarian's letterhead.

𓃠 Standard towel, t-shirt, or small blanket from home.

𓃠 Favorite toys, chews, treats, or bones.

𓃠 Medications.

𓃠 Emergency contact information.

Vintage Country Pet Resort will make every effort to return personal property left with the pet. However, we cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

Quaint Room & Board

Vintage Country Pet Resort strives to provide the utmost care and optimal comfort to your pet while you are away.

Clients may customize their pet's stay with our Boarding Add-On selection including delicious treats and fun exercises!

Boarding stays will be charged by the day.

You will be charged the first day of your pet's stay regardless of the time you drop your pet off, however, you will not be charged for the final day of your pet's stay if they are picked up during our morning hours.

If your pet is picked up during our evening hours, this will result in an additional boarding day being charged. 

Our boarding rates during off-season start at:

$30 per dog

Our boarding rates during peak-season (June-August) start at:

$35 per dog

Click here to see all of our business hours.

A Holiday Rate of an additional $10 will be charged to your pet's boarding stay for the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Our guests are roomed according to household, size, age, and owner requests. Multiple dog households may board together, however, we reserve the right to separate them if need be.

Exquisite Care

Our standard boarding services include:

𓃠 Spacious, private room

𓃠 Climate-controlled facility with both air conditioning and heating

𓃠 Kuranda Cot & fleece blanket

𓃠 Orthopedic pads are provided for senior pets and giant breeds

𓃠 Meals prepared and served

𓃠 Routine room service cleaning & sanitizing

𓃠 Care team staff trained in pet first aid & CPR

𓃠 Daily wellness check

𓃠 Multiple daily romps in our spacious outdoor fenced-in courtyard (with OR without other dogs)  for exercise & potty breaks


Dispensing medications are $1.00 per medication.

𓃠 Medications should be in the original container with the medication name, dosage, and the prescribing veterinarian's name & phone number clearly legible.
𓃠 Contagious pets will not be admitted under any circumstances.
𓃠 Pets requiring injections, such as insulin, MUST get prior approval from management and will be handled on a case by case basis.
𓃠 Pets requiring injections, such as insulin, will be charged $5.00 per day instead of our normal medication rate. Refer to Section 9 of our policies.

Boarding Cancelation Policy

During our peak season only, June - August, clients will be required to provide a 32-hour cancelation notice of their pets' boarding stay prior to the scheduled drop-off date.


If a cancelation is requested by the client within the allotted 32-hour period, the client will be required to make a deposit on their pets' future boarding stays for the remaining peak season and may be charged an additional cancelation fee. 

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