PRODENTAL Dual-End Pet Toothbrush

PRODENTAL Dual-End Pet Toothbrush

ProDental Dual-End Pet Toothbrush


    Dental hygiene is essential to your pet's health just as it is to yours. ProDental's dual-end toothbrush for pets makes brushing your pet's teeth easy with two different head sizes. For best results, use with pet toothpaste.

    • Each toothbrush offers two head sizes for any dog or cat
    • Soft bristle design that sweeps away food debris, plaque, and tartar
    • Regular brushing helps to control bad breath

    Apply small amount of pet-approved toothpaste onto bristles. Gently brush tooth surfaces and around the gumline to remove food residue and plaque. Use twice a week to clean teeth, control bad breath, and reduce the risk of gum disease.