PRODENTAL Finger Pet Toothbrush

PRODENTAL Finger Pet Toothbrush

ProDental Rubber Pet Toothbrush that attaches to your finger.


    Dental hygiene is essential to your pet's health just as it is to yours. ProDental's rubber finger toothbrush for pets makes brushing your pet's teeth easy. For best results, use with pet toothpaste.

    • Unique finger-glove design slides over the index finger
    • Features soft, raised bristles to clean teeth and gums
    • Sweeps away even the toughest, most embedded food debris
    • Soft and flexible it can reach all areas and surfaces in a pets’ mouth.
    • Disposable

    Slide index finger into finger brush. Apply small amount of pet-approved toothpaste onto bristles. Gently brush tooth surfaces and around the gumline to remove food residue and plaque. Use twice a week to clean teeth, control bad breath, and reduce the risk of gum disease.