VE RAW Freeze-Dried Duck Heads

VE RAW Freeze-Dried Duck Heads

Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Duck Heads


    The Freeze-Dried Duck Head is by far the most popular snack on the VE RAW BAR. It’s a crunchy, nutritious dog snack that makes use of the whole animal. Dogs love the taste of duck heads. The bones act as a natural toothbrush, cleaning the back teeth. Plus, this snack is a great source of calcium and phosphorus. Once you get past the icky factor, this is a really good dog snack.

    • Freeze-dried snacks support oral health and clean teeth
    • Nutritious between-meal snack
    • Single sourced proteins
    • USA sourced, made and packaged
    • Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Guilt Free

    Duck Head



    42% PROTEIN

    28% FAT

    5% FIBER

    4520 KCAL/KG
    145 KCAL/PC