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10 Exquisite Reasons

Why we are the best pet facility for you!

1. Vintage Country Pet Resort is one of a kind.

VCPR is proudly, privately, and locally owned by Amber M. Sipes - we are NOT a franchise! This allows us to put a personal touch on our services and to really focus on exactly what your individual pet needs. Amber and her care team are always available to answer questions and help you do the best for your pet.

2. Incomparable customer service.

Just contact us ahead of time and our staff will meet you at your car, carry your items, take your pet, and greet you with a smile. At VCPR, we strive to present you with the best possible experience at our facility and, of course, the best care around.

3. Detailed pet reports and updates.

You won't have to worry and wonder what your pet is up to while they're with us - we'll tell you! We offer a detailed report the day EVERY DAY. We also are the only pet care facility to offer texting check-in updates, including a picture of your happy pet. We also welcome inquiries via Facebook, email, and phone calls.

4. Dedicated staff.

Our staff does not just work with animals, animals are their passion. Many of our staff members are involved with pet-related activities and volunteer services, attend dog shows and performance events regularly, attend training classes, and further their education on the topics of pet nutrition, pet enrichment and health & wellness in their free time.

5. Staff trained in pet first aid & CPR.

The staff at VCPR are all certified in pet first aid and CPR. We participate in yearly continuing education seminars and receive one-on-one training with local veterinarians.

6. Large, spacious exercise areas.

We offer some of the largest fenced-in yards in the area, complete with ramps and toys galore. 

7. Health & Wellbeing Oriented Activities

VCPR is the only pet care facility in our area that works with other local businesses to ensure your pet has the opportunity to get the most out of life. We offer regular canine chiropractic clinics, and puppy exposure clinics, as well as recommend Holly's Pawsitive Pet Massage in Hawthorn and her healthy homemade doggy biscuits and cakes.

8. We board small animals!

Our small animal area is located completely private and separate from our canine guests. Bring their pen, food, and treats and we'll be happy to take care of your miniature furry friend! (Gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, reptiles, etc.)

Unfortunately, we are unable to board cats at this time.

9. Vaccine safe.

VCPR follows a vaccine protocol mandated by their local veterinarians. This vaccination protocol is set in place to ensure your pet has a safe & healthy environment for the best quality care. While we understand no vaccination is %100 guaranteed to prevent illness, we fully trust the expert & educated advice of our local veterinarians. All staff members are required to follow this same set of standards.

10. Security

All of our rooms are completely climb & escape-proof. Our outside fenced-in areas are 6 feet tall to discourage climbing and jumping. All gates and doors leading outside are padlocked and are under watch by surveillance cameras to ensure optimal safety.

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