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Vintage Country Pet Resort reserves the right to refuse any pet for any reason; including, but not limited to aggression, skin infections, felted coats, presence of parasites, and/or lack of vaccinations.

   1. Rates

Our rates are per pet. All pets are charged full rate on the day they are dropped off, regardless of the time. Pets picked up during our regular morning hours will not be charged for that day; pets picked up during our regular evening hours will be charged an additional day's rate.The minimum fee for an overnight visit is the boarding rate of one day. A 5% discount will be issued to any invoices being paid entirely in CASH or CHECK.

   2. Payment

Payment is due on the day of pick up. Clients are permitted to put down deposits and/or pre-pay for future services at their discretion. Clients may pay by cash, check, debit card, credit card, or travelers check. Rates and requirements are subject to change without notice. If for any reason an invoice must be placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, there may be additional legal fees at the expense of the client. There will be a $50.00 fee issued for non-sufficient funds checks, a $30 fee issued for all out-of-hour pick-ups for boarding clients, and a $30 fee issued for clients arriving 15+ minutes late to their scheduled grooming appointment time without notice.

   3. Liability

Pet owners remain responsible for their pet's actions and behavior. Vintage Country Pet Resort, its owners, agents, or employees shall in no way be held liable or responsible for the actions of any pet while on or off the property of Vintage Country Pet Resort. Vintage Country Pet Resort, its owners, agents, or employees shall in no way be held liable or responsible for any pet boarded, groomed, trained or otherwise handled or cared for; including, but not limited to death, loss, or injury due to escape, natural disaster, fire, theft, group play, or any other unforeseen reason.

   4. Abandonment

Any pet not claimed within 10 days of the scheduled departure day shall be released to a humane shelter in accordance with Pennsylvania State Law. The abandonment of any pet must be reported to the State Dog Warden, who will proceed with legal action. Pet owner remains responsible for all fees incurred.

   5. Health Condition

Pets arriving with parasites or in deplorable condition will be treated by our staff or a veterinarian at an additional expense to the client. Vintage Country Pet Resort reserves the right to contact a veterinarian or give advisable attention to ill or injured pets while in our care; such expenses shall be promptly paid by the client.


   6. Waivers

Every client of Vintage Country Pet Resort will be required to sign a general waiver agreement of terms and conditions in order to use our services; click here for our general waiver. If you are a new client, please print this form, sign it, and bring it with you to your appointment to turn in. Additional waivers may be distributed and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

   7. Discounts

A 5% discount will be issued to any invoices being paid entirely in CASH or CHECK. If an invoice is paid partially in cash/check and partially with a card, the 5% discount is void.

   8. Leashes

Pets must remain on a leash or in a pet carrier at all times while on Vintage Country Pet Resort's property. No loose pets will be permitted in or outside of the building. 

   9. Medications

All pet medications must be brought in their original container with a clear and legible label from your veterinarian that states the name and dosage of said medication. Due to the extensive care and supervision required for pets that are prescribed insulin, we will be charging $5.00 per day of their stay in lieu of our regular medication rate. 

   10. Photography

We, the Vintage Country Pet Resort staff, love taking pictures of our clients/guests for reasons including, but not limited to documentation, commercial use, social media, and advertising. Photos will be stored on file for VCPR use only. If for any reason you do not permit you or your pet's picture to be used or posted, please inform our check-in staff at the time of drop off.

By using our services and/or signing our general waiver, you, as the client, understand, agree, and accept our terms and policies.

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