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Top-Notch Grooming

At Vintage Country Pet Resort we believe proper grooming is essential to a happy & healthy pet.  We offer state-of-the-art salon facilities and professional groomers to provide a fresh new look.

Grooming prices are based on coat quality, temperament, size, and the interval between groom appointments. 


Please give us a call or text for a grooming price estimate.


All of our grooming services are available by appointment or may be scheduled with a boarding or day play visit.

The duration of most grooms is 2 to 3 hours. We will gladly phone or text you when your pet is ready!

Click here to visit our hours page.

Both of our bath and groom services include...

⚘ Two bubbly shampoos with our Bath Master bathing system
⚘ Thorough hand scrub
⚘ Wildberry tear-less facial wash
⚘ External anal gland expression
⚘ Conditioning cream rinse
⚘ Ear flush followed with a drying ear cream
⚘ Brisk towel dry followed by quiet high-velocity fluff dryer
⚘ Brush out to a comb-through state
⚘ Nail trim
⚘ Leave in conditioning spray and de-tangler
⚘ Spritz of cologne
⚘ Bow or bandanna for pizazz
⚘ Love and attention beyond compare!


Vaccinations are required of all pets entering our facility, including grooming clients. Bring a copy of your pet's records to your appointment or have your vet fax them to us! Please read over our Vaccination Requirements.

Under state mandate, VCPR cannot care for any pet lacking proof of a current rabies certificate.

Vintage Country Pet Resort reserves the right to refuse any pet for any reason; including, but not limited to aggression, skin infections, felted coats, presence of parasites, and/or lack of vaccinations.

Grooming Cancelation & Late Arrivals Policies

Clients must provide a 24-hour cancelation notice prior to the date of their pets' grooming appointments. If the client requests a cancelation within a 24-hour period of said appointment, the client will be required to prepay 50% of their pet's grooming price 48 hours before their future grooming appointment. Chronic cancelations will result in the revocation of permission to schedule multiple appointments ahead. 

If continued, loss of client status will be enforced.

Clients are permitted a 15-minute grace period after their scheduled grooming appointment time to arrive.

Clients arriving 15 minutes or more after their scheduled grooming appointment time will result in a $30 late fee being added to their invoice.

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